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At Joggo, it’s our mission to help you accomplish your fitness goals and live a more healthful life. With 6 key electrolytes plus vitamins and minerals to replenish your system, our hydration formula helps you get the absolute most out of every workout every day.

Dehydration effects on performance:
Reduced endurance nearly by half
Slower pace
Longer recovery time
Reduction in blood volume and body’s ability to maintain core temperature
Decreased sweat rate
Increased fatigue
Poor concentration
Life with Joggo Hydration & Recovery:

Better performance

Significant hydration

Easier and faster recovery

Reduced muscle inflammation

Boosted immunity and overall wellness

Increased energy and mental focus levels

Cramps and fatigue prevention

Boosts energy levels and performancetext underline

Some electrolyte powder packets could knock you out of your mission with unpleasant reactions by overloading your system with too much good stuff. That's why, at Joggo Supplements, we expertly formulated an energy powder with everything you need in the right amounts to energize and keep you going.

Expert created formula
Simple, clean, and backed by science. Joggo Hydration & Recovery product is a natural, effective, and complete formula packed with 6 key electrolytes, multiple vitamins, and minerals.
Zero sugar and artificial sweeteners
Delicious hydrate packets made with stevia leaf extract for just the right amount of sweetness. Made with zero artificial sweeteners, colors, or gluten, our hydration powder packets are non-GMO and vegan-friendly.
2–3x quicker and effective hydration
Our electrolyte powder packets have quick-acting natural ingredients for 2–3x quicker hydration than water alone, easier muscle recovery, and balanced energy to help boost your immunity and overall wellness.
Great taste and easy to use
Scoop, mix with water, and enjoy. The electrolyte packets include 48 servings and a pre-measured scoop, so preparing your hydration drink is fast and easy. And its nourishing taste is enhanced by the pleasant mixed-berry flavor.
Works immediately
Joggo Hydration & Recovery contains an easily dissolvable powder that absorbs significantly faster than protein bars and capsules, providing an immediate effect.
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Numbers speak for themselves – almost every customer noticed improved performance results and overall health.


of consumers felt more hydrated throughout the day


of consumers felt increased energy and mental focus levels


of consumers recorded better performance and faster recovery
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Corey D.

3 reviews

given review rating

Aug 14, 2021

A game changer

As a professional athlete, I need to be able to hydrate my body and recover as fast as possible. Joggo Hydration & Recovery electrolyte powder stood out to me because they offered a completely packed formula based on science and my personal needs. It was a game-changer for me and my career!


Toby R.

14 reviews

given review rating

Apr 18 , 2021

Trust me, works as advertised

I've been using Joggo Hydration & Recovery for several months now. The electrolytes and vitamins have worked really well for me. I am feeling great, more energized, and I’ve seen a tremendous impact on my performance and recovery time.


Mia D.

1 review

given review rating

Jul 12 , 2021

Great product

Ordered this out of curiosity and now it’s my most favorite drink! I love that it doesn’t have sweeteners because they taste awful and give me headaches.

I’ve tried many sports drinks and this one’s my favorite so far. I like the taste. It’s not too sweet, not too salty, so it’s good to take before, during and after the workout


Lydia C.

22 reviews

given review rating

Feb 4 , 2021

AMAZING ingredient list

Very tasty with an AMAZING ingredient list and without artificial flavors. Definitely looks like the developers did their research in deciding how much of each to consider in the final product. Packaging is also great! The product comes with a scoop to measure the product!


Craig G.

8 reviews

given review rating

Jul 1, 2021

Great for hangovers

Despite drinking tons of water, after working out hard, I would frequently get headaches and experience many of the negative side effects associated with dehydration. After purchasing and using this Joggo Hydration & Recovery powder, the headaches and dehydration symptoms completely disappeared. This supplement is also great for hangovers!


Nathaly W.

11 reviews

given review rating

Jul 12 , 2021

Great product

I am a fitness coach, and between coaching and my own training, I spend hours at the gym almost every day. It takes a lot out of me. This electrolyte powder keeps me going! No jitters, no crash, no soreness, just feeling better. I’ve tried other electrolyte mixes and they are either full of artificial colors or sugar (or both). This is a MUCH better alternative, both in effectiveness and flavor.

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